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Apisolis Kit | Vaporizer + Native + 5 Coils

Apisolis Kit | Vaporizer + Native + 5 Coils

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Apisolis is an innovative device that allows beekeepers to inspect their hives without using the traditional smoker. It produces gentle and safe steam, healthier for beekeepers and bees.

Features :

Convenience: Easy to use, automatic shutdown, practical and efficient.
Health : No flames, gentle steam, no risk of burns or inhalation of toxic vapors.
Safety : Automatic temperature control, creation of homogeneous steam and production of steam only when necessary to avoid accidents.
Repairability : 100% repairable with spare parts.

Contents of the pack:

1 Apisolis Vaporizer
1 Apisolis Native - 120ml
5x Coils
1 USB charger

However Apisolis does not completely replace the smoker. It is particularly suitable for non-aggressive colonies and routine inspections.

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